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Status to Road Show Buthamburg Playfields.
We would like to announce that the Road Show playfield are nearly ready for shipping.
It has been quite some time from first announcement until finished printing. Last Year in January
we lost all our artwork files on NGG and RS. It takes approx. 1,5 months to redraw the scanned original print films.
In the films are grey shades and scratches that need to be removed. We pushed this work in between and eventually
got all set up and printed. The playfields are at the paint shop getting the first clear coat layer after printing. Next week we will collect the first batch
of Road Show Playfields, get them sanded and back to the paint shop for finish clear coating.
The playfields will be ready for shipping latest end of September 2021.

We have uploaded a picture, the left playfield is Buthamburg repro, the right is the original.
The green in the middle of the playfield is lighter than on the original. This is because the original wanted effect worked out better on our repro than on the original.
Under the green is an ocra shade, in the original film the green has a color flow, dots, the ocra should show through the green to lighten it up. In the original
playfields you can see that there are also dots, but it is clear to see that the green paint soaked under the screen and brock this efect.